Sunday School meets at 9:00 in our education wing with classes for all ages. Our adult classes cover portions of all books of the Bible in a six-year cycle. This is a discipline shared by many other Protestant churches and is a comprehensive and continuous study of Scripture to inform each one’s Christian faith and discipleship in daily life.  A light breakfast of pickups and coffee is served on most Sundays prior to Sunday School.


Sunday School Classes for Children and Youth



        Leader: Available as needed


      Pre-K – 3rd Grade

 Leaders: Elyse Hoffman, Chris Clark


       4th Grade- 6th Grade

  Leaders: Laura Lilly. Amy Brown


       7th Grade- High School

   Leader: Pastor Comer


Sunday School Classes for Adults


     Chapel Class

Leader: Jason Sanders

Uniform Series International Bible Lessons for Christian Teaching

     Fellowship Class

Leaders:  Norman Overcash, Ron Behringer, Terry Ratchford

Augsburg Fortress/Adult Bible Studies

     Joy Class

Leaders: Ken Obenauf

Augsburg Fortress/Adult Bible Studies